Amsterdam Acrylic Paint 120ml Series 1

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Royal Talens Amsterdam Standard Acrylics have a high degree of lightfastness and use pure and non-fading pigments, ensuring artworks retain their original colour even after several decades. The binding agent consists of 100% acrylic resin for long-lasting results. Each tube is recyclable and clear, allowing artists to see the true colour and contents with ease.

These paints are alkali resistant and this means they are suitable for wall and mural paintings. The paint can be thinned easily with water and, if applied in a thin film, paint can dry within half an hour.

These are available for special orders so may take a little longer – Please enquire instore for details

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Azo Orange 2762, Azo Yellow Deep 2702, Azo Lemon Yellow 2672, Azo Yellow Light 2682, Yellow Medium 2692, Brilliant Blue 5642, Brilliant Green 6052, Burnt Sienna 4112, Burnt Umber 4092, Caput Mortuum Violet 3442, Carmine 3182, Cobalt Blue Ultra 5212, Emerald Green 6152, Gold Ochre 2312, Gold Yellow 2532, Greenish Blue 5572, Greenish Yellow 2432, Greyish Blue 5622, Kings Blue 5172, Lamp Black 7022, Light Rose 3612, Manganese Blue Phtha 5822, Naphthol Red Deep 3992, Naphthol Red Light 3982, Naphthol Red Medium 3962, Naples Yellow Deep 2232, Naples Yellow Green 282, Naples Yellow Light 2222, Naples Yellow Red 2242, Naples Yellow Red Light 2922, Neutral Grey 7102, Nickel Titan Yellow 2742, Olive Green Deep 6222, Olive Green Light 6212, Oxide Black 7352, Permanent Red Violet Light 5772, Permanent Green Deep 6192, Permanent Green Light 6182, Permanent Magenta 3692, Permanent Red Purple 3482, Permanent Red Violet 5672, Phthalo Blue 5702, Primary Blue Violet 5682, Primary Cyan 5722, Primary Yellow 2752, Prussian Blue Phthal 5662, Pyrrole Red 3152, Quinacridone Rose 3662, Quinacridone Rose Light 3852, Raw Sienna 2342, Sap Green 6232, Sky Blue Light 5512, Titanium Buff Deep 2902, Titanium Buff Light 2892, Titanium White 1052, Trans Red Medium 3172, Trans Yellow Medium 2722, Turquoise Blue 5222, Turquoise Green 6612, Ultra Violet Light 5192, Ultramarine 5042, Ultramarine Violet 5072, Vandyke Brown 4032, Venetian Rose 3162, Vermilion 3112, Warm Grey 7182, Yellow Ochre 2272, Zinc White 104


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