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This twin-tipped marker works for versatile artists who seek both broad and fine applications of colour. No matter which nib you use, it provides smooth, flawless coverage. Available in a variety of colours

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Aegean AGEA, Almond ALMO, Amber AMBE, Amethyst AMET, Antique Pink ANTI, Antique White AWHI, Apple APPL, Apricot APRI, Arctic Blue ARCT, Aubergene AUBE, Azure AZUR, Baby Pink BABY, Berry Red BERR, Bisque BISQ, Black BLAC, Blender BLEN, Blossom BLOS, Blue Black BBLA, Blue Pearl BLUE, Bluebell BBEL, Blush BLUS, Bright Green BGRE, Bright Orange BRIG, Burgundy BURG, Burnt Mahogany BURN, Burnt Orange BORA, Burnt Sienna BSIE, Burnt Umber BUMB, Buttercup BUTT, Cadet Blue CADE, Canary CANA, Caramel CARA, Cardenal Red CARD, Carmine CARM, Cerise CERI, Champagne CHAM, Chestnut CHES, China Blue CHIIN, Chocolate CHOC, Cinnamon CINN, Cloud Blue CLOU, Cobalt Blue COBA, Cocktail Pink CTAI, Cocoa COCO, Coffee COFF, Cool Aqua COOL, Cool Grey 0 CG0, Cool Grey 00 CG00, Cool Grey 1 CG1, Cool Grey 2 CG2, Cool Grey 3 CG3, Cool Grey 4 CG4, Cool Grey 5 CG5, Cool Grey 6 CG6, Cool Grey 7 CG7, Coral CORA, Cornflower CORN, Crimson CRIM, Cyan CYAN, Deep Mocha DEEP, Denim Blue DENI, Duck Egg DUCK, Dusky Pink DUSK, Dusky Rose DROS, Emerald EMER, Fire Brick FIRE, Forest Green FORE, French Navy FREN, Fuchsia Pink FUSC, Ginger GING, Gold GOLD, Grass GRAS, Green GREE, Grey Green GGRE, Hazelnut HAZE, Henna HENN, Herb Green HERB, Holly HOLL, Honey Comb HONE, Hot Pink HOTP, Ice Grey 0 IG0, Ice Grey 00 IG00, Ice Grey 1 IG1, Ice Grey 2 IG2, Ice Grey 3 IG3, Ice Grey 4 IG4, Ice Grey 5 IG5, Ice Grey 6 IG6, Ice Grey 7 IG7, Ingigo Blue INDI, Ivory IVOR, Khaki KHAK, Lavender LAVE, Leaf Green LEAF, Lemon LEMO, Lemon Chiffon LCHI, Light Pecan LPEC, Lilac LILA, Lime Green LIME, Lime Zest LZES, Linen LINE, Lipstick Red LIPS, Lush Green LUSH, Magenta MAGE, Mandarin MAND, Mango MANG, Marine MARI, Maroon MARO, Marsh Green MARS, Meadow Green MEAD, Midnight Blue MIDN, Mint Green MINT, Misty Rose MIST, Moss MOSS, Mulberry MULB, Mustard MUST, Muted Pink MUTE, Oatmeal OATM, Olive Green OLIV, Orange ORAN, Orchid ORCH, Pale Blossom PBLO, Pale Cream PCRE, Pale Pink PALE, Pastel Beige PBEI, Pastel Blue PBLU, Pastel Green PGRE, Pastel Pink PPIN, Pastel Yellow PYEL, Pear Green PEAR, Pebble Blue PEBB, Pesto PEST, Petrol Blue PETR, Pine PINE, Pink Camillia PINK, Pink Carnation PCAR, Plum PLUM, Poppy POPP, Powder Blue POWD, Praline PRAL, Primrose PRIM, Prussian PRUS, Pumpkin PUMP, Purple PURP, Putty PUTT, Raw Sienna RAW, Red RED, Rose Pink ROSE, Royal Blue ROYA, Ruby RUBY, Saddle Brown SADD, Saffron SAFF, Salmon Pink SALM, Sandstone SAND, Satin SATI, Shale SHAL, Sky Blue SKY, Slate SLAT, Soft Green SGRE, Soft Lime SOFT, Soft Peach SPEA, Spice SPIC, Storm Cloud STOR, Sunflower SUNF, Sunkissed Pink SUNK, Tan TAN, Tea Green TEAG, Terracotta TERR, True Blue TRUE, Tulip Yellow TULI, Turquoise TURQ, Umber UMBE, Vanilla VANI, Verdigris VERD, Violet VIOL, Walnut WALN, Warm Grey 0 WG0, Warm Grey 00 WG00, Warm Grey 1 WG1, Warm Grey 2 WG2, Warm Grey 3 WG3, Warm Grey 4 WG4, Warm Grey 5 WG5, Warm Grey 6 WG6, Warm Grey 7 WG7, Wheat WHEA, Yellow YELL


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