Winsor & Newton Professional Artists’ Watercolour 14ml Series 4

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Water colour more than any other medium relies upon the variable characteristics of the pigments used. Our Professional Water Colours use only the purest pigments, and are known for their brilliance, permanence and strength of colour.


Available through special order – Contact instore for details

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CAD-Free Lemon 898, CAD-Free Orange 899, CAD-Free Red 901, CAD-Free Red Deep 895, CAD-Free Scarlet 903, CAD-Free Yellow 890, CAD-Free Yellow Deep 891, CAD-Free Yellow Pale 907, Cadmium Lemon 506, Cadmium Red 094, Cadmium Red Deep 097, Cadmium Orange 089, Cadmium Scarlet 106, Cadmium Yellow 108, Cadmium Yellow Deep 111, Cadmium Yellow Pale 118, Cobalt Blue Deep 180, Cobalt Green 184, Cobalt Turquoise 190, Cobalt Turquoise Light 191, Cobalt Violet 192, Lemon Yellow Hue (Nickel Titante) 347, Rose Doré 576, Rose Madder Genuine 587


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