Winsor & Newton Professional Acrylic 60ml Series 3

£11.50 inc. VAT

These are our very finest acrylic paints – they’re made with the latest developments in resin technology. Most acrylics darken as they dry, but our clever, translucent binder means that what you see is what you get. With no colour-shift, colour-matching is made much easier. We’ve also made sure these paints have a longer working time without compromising the famous acrylic fast-drying time. And, with 80 brilliant colours, you’re spoiled for choice.

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Antique Gold 014, Cadmium Lemon 086, Cadmium Orange 089, Cadmium Yellow Deep 111, Cadmium Yellow Light 113, Cadmium Yellow Medium 116, Cadmium Red Deep 097, Cadmium Red Light 100, Cadmium Red Medium 099, Chrom Oxide Green 162, Cobalt Green Deep 185, Dioxazine Purple 229, Gold 283, Hookers Green 311, Indanthrene Blue 321, Iridescent White 330, Nickel Azo Yellow 439, Perm Alizarin Crimson 466, Perm Sap Green 503, Permanent Rose 502, Phthalo Turquoise 526, Potters Pink 537, Quinac Magenta 545, Quinac Red 548, Quinac Violet 550, Renaissance Gold 573, Silver 617, Silver No. 2 (Darker) 624


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