Winsor & Newton Artisan Water mixable Oil Colour Series 1 37ml

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These magnificent paints are designed to look and work just like traditional oil paint, but they’re a bit special. You can use them without hazardous solvents – they’re happy being thinned down and cleaned up with water. They’re especially good for artists who share a workspace or don’t want solvents in school or at home. We make Artisan Water Mixable Oil Colour in 40 vibrant tones with a thick, buttery consistency so you can use them in a variety of ways. We’ve added a selection of special thinners, oils and mediums to this range, too.

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Lemon Yellow 346, Cadmium Yellow Pale hue 119, Cadmium Yellow Hue 109, Cadmium Yellow Deep hue 115, Cadmium Orange Hue 090, Cadmium Red Hue 095, Cadmium Red Deep Hue 098, Permanent Rose 502, Permanent Alizarin Crimson 468, Magenta 380, Dioxazine Purple 229, Cerulean Blue Hue 138, Cobalt Blue Hue 179, French Ultramarine 263, Phthalo Green (Yellow Shade) 514, Prussian Blue 538, Phthalo Green(Blue Shade) 522, Olive Green 447, Naples Yellow Hue 422, Yellow Ochre 744, Raw Sienna 552, Indian red 317, Burnt Sienna 074, Burnt Umber 076, Raw Umber 554, Payne's Grey 465, Ivory Black 331, Lamp Black 337, Titanium White 8840485, Zinc White (Mixing White) 8840486, Phthalo Green (Yellow Shade) 521


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