Schmincke Extra Soft Pastel Stick 070 – 075

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Pastell_DE_ENColour Chart

B – Black Graduation

D – Pure Graduation

H – Darkest White

M – Medium White

O – Lightest White

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Working with Schmincke pastels leads you back to the origin of colour. Our round sticks consists only of the finest artists’ pigments (without chalk!) and a minimum amount of binder. The binder content is so small that the medium-find ground pigments only just achieve a stable bond.

The complete range includes 400 colour shades, divided into 75 colours which each have 5 grades: In addition to the pure colour (D), there is a black graduation (B) and 3 grades of white graduations (H, M, O). The balanced range is supplemented by a 10-step neutral grey series, 5 dark shades, gold, silver, 2 black shades, white and 5 special pearlescent shades for specific effects. This variety of colours is another sign of quality of the finest, extra-soft pastels by Schmincke.

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071 Light Green B, 071 Light Green D, 071 Light Green H, 071 Light Green M, 071 Light Green O, 072 Leaf Green 1 B, 072 Leaf Green 1 D, 072 Leaf Green 1 H, 072 Leaf Green 1 M, 072 Leaf Green 1 O, 073 Leaf Green 2 B, 073 Leaf Green 2 D, 073 Leaf Green 2 H, 073 Leaf Green 2 M, 073 Leaf Green 2 O, 074 Phthalo Green Deep B, 074 Phthalo Green Deep D, 074 Phthalo Green Deep H, 074 Phthalo Green Deep M, 074 Phthalo Green Deep O, 075 Mossy Green 1 B, 075 Mossy Green 1 D, 075 Mossy Green 1 H, 075 Mossy Green 1 M, 075 Mossy Green 1 O


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