Schmincke Horadam Gouache 15ml Series 3

£12.70 inc. VAT

  • 48 colours, traditionally based on Gum Arabic and made with only the best, genuine artist pigments
  • Naturally opaque, not additionallly reinforced by adding white
  • A wide range of combination options with HORADAM® watercolours
  • Excellent painting properties

The highest concentration of pigments guarantees luminosity and depth of all colours. HORADAM® GOUACHE can be used directly from the tube or thinned with water and can be mixed and combined with all other series of Schmincke gouache. The colours dry to a matt surface and therefore take on a slightly lighter colour. Available in 15 ml tubes, Titanium white also in 60 ml.

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Cadmium Red Deep 248, Cadmium Red Light 344, Cadmium Red Middle 346, Cadmium Yellow Deep 232, Cadmium Yellow Light 224, Carmine 352, Dark Blue Indigo 472, Purple Magenta 358, Scarlet 350


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