Schmincke Horadam Aquarell Watercolour 5ml Supergranulating

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Schmincke Supergranulation Watercolours are part of the professional Horadam range, using the same high quality raw materials. The distinctive feature of this range is that the paints are based on pigments that have a natural tendency to granulate. Each colour contains a combination of two or more granulating pigments which separate and settle into the paper surface to create beautiful textural effects.

The paints are bound with Kordofan gum arabic from the southern Sahara. Due to the natural source of the binder, the gum arabic does tend to differ slightly year on year. Schmincke continually test the ingredients and the best of the batch is selected to ensure the highest quality is achieved. This means paint which has dried onto your palette can be easily re-wetted and painted with again.

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Deep Sea Black 955, Deep Sea Blue 953, Deep Sea Green 954, Deep Sea Indigo, Deep Sea Violet 951, Desert Brown 923, Desert Green 924, Desert Grey 925, Desert Orange 922, Desert Yellow 921, Forest Blue 943, Forest Brown 944, Forest Green 942, Forest Grey 945, Forest Olive 941, Galaxy Black 975, Galaxy Blue 973, Galaxy Brown 974, Galaxy Pink 971, Galaxy Violet 972, Glacier Black 965, Glacier Blue 961, Glacier Brown 964, Glacier Green 963, Glacier Turquoise 962, Haze Black 970, Haze Blue 967, Haze Brown 969, Haze Indigo 968, Haze Pink 966, Shire Blue 934, Shire Green 933, Shire Grey 935, Shire Olive 932, Shire Yellow 931, Tundra Blue 984, Tundra Green 985, Tundra Orange 981, Tundra Pink 982, Tundra Violet 983, Urban Brown 946, Urban Green 936, Urban Grey 956, Urban Red 926, Urban Yellow 916, Volcano Brown 915, Volcano Orange 912, Volcano Red 913, Volcano Violet 914, Volcano Yellow 911


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