Fimo Kids Form and Play Sets

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FIMO kids is an oven-hardening modelling clay. Unlike conventional modelling clay, FIMO kids can be used to shape figures and objects for lasting playtime fun due to the fact that, once modelled, items can be oven-baked to harden. All that needs to be done is place the FIMO kids clay in an oven for 30 minutes at 110°C. Once cool, the material is hard and solid.

FIMO kids form&play offers children a whole range of different themes for crafting and play. Jetting through outer space, galloping across meadows on a pony or helping a knight rescue a princess: With FIMO kids ‘form&play’ products, children are able to reproduce figures and then use them afterwards to act out stories in imaginary worlds of play. The sets are available in different levels of difficulty (1=easy, 2=medium, 3=difficult).

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Farm, Pets, Princess, Dinosaurs, Pony, Butterfly, Monster, Mermaid, Oceanworld, Cats, Space, Unicorn, Happy Bees, Police Race, Construction Truck


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