Zig TUT Twin Tip Pen Colours 41 to 80

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Art & Graphic Twin is an extensive range of twin-tip markers for hobbyists and professional artists alike. The 0.8mm fine tip and the flexible brush tip make work or play with recreational rubber stamps, cartoons, sketches or graphic illustrations a real pleasure. Not only can you use them with water brushes to create endless watercolour style paintings but with the flexible rubber tip, they are ideal for working directly on rubber stamps. The rubber tip does not leave fibres on rubber stamps and unlike most fibre-tip markers, the tip does not split. The Kuretake Art & Graphic Twin is a water-based dye ink, xylene free and odourless twin-tipped marker which is versatile in use.

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May Green 51, Pale Green 53, Turquoise Green 54, Deep Green 55, Emerald Green 550, Mid Green 56, Olive Green 57, Peacock Blue 59, Violet 6, Light Violet 60, English Lavender 602, Purple 61, Lilac 62, Dull Blue 63, Deep Violet 660, Oatmeal 70, Blush 703, Mid Brown 71, Brown 72, Deep Reddish Brown 727, Sand 73, Dark Grey 74, Brisk Beige 75, Dark Brown 76, Deep Brown 77, Grey 8, Light Grey 80, Cool Grey 1 800, Warm Grey 2 803, Grey Tint 805, Dawn Grey 81, Warm Grey 9 815, Slate Grey 82, Blue Grey 83, Pale Grey 84, Green Grey 85, Pale Dawn Grey 86, Grey Brown 87, Natural Grey 890, Black 9


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