Schmincke Norma Professional Oil Colours Series 3 35ml

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Schmincke Norma professional artists’ oil colour paints, resin-free, high-quality, and with the highest possible pigment concentration.

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Chrome Yellow Hue Light 228, Chrome Yellow Hue Middle 230, Chrome Yellow Hue Deep 232, Cadmium Yellow Lemon 238, Cadmium Yellow Light 242, Cadmium Yellow Deep 244, Brilliant Yellow 246, Cadmium Orange 300, Cadmium Red Light 310, Cadmium Red Deep 314, Cobalt Violet Hue 350, Cobalt Blue Deep 408, Cobalt Blue Light 410, Cobalt Cerulean Blue 414, Cobalt Turquoise 426, Schweinfurt Green Hue 506, Permanent Yellowish-Green 510


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