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PanPastel Colours are professional grade soft pastel colours packed in a unique pan format (cake-like) so that they can be mixed and applied like paint. They are very low dust for a cleaner working environment.
PanPastel are made using a unique manufacturing process requiring minimal binder and fillers, resulting in rich, ultra soft and low dust formulations. Only professional artists’ grade pigments are used for the most concentrated colours possible. The colours have excellent lightfastness and are fully erasable.

PanPastel are also excellent for use in a variety of ways as a general dry colour. They are popular for underpaintings and in mixed media works, as well as for tinting mediums, like encaustic artists who use them to tint wax. PanPastel are excellent for hand colouring prints and photographs, and markers can be used on top of them without clogging the nib.

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Titanium White 100.5, Hansa Yellow Extra Dark 220.1, Hansa Yellow Shade 220.3, Hansa Yellow 220.5, Hansa Yellow Tint 220.8, Dairylide Yellow Extra Dark 250.1, Dairylide Yellow Shade 250.3, Dairylide Yellow 250.5, Dairylide Yellow Tint 250.8, Yellow Oxide Extra Dark 270.1, Yellow Oxide Shade 270.3, Yellow Oxide 270.5, Yellow Oxide 270.5, Yellow Oxide Tint 270.8, Orange Extra Dark 280.1, Orange Shade 280.3, Orange 280.5, Orange Tint 280.8, Permanent Red Extra Dark 340.1, Permanent Red Shade 340.3, Permanent Red 340.5, Permanent Red Tint 340.8, Red Iron Oxide Extra Dark 380.1, Red Iron Oxide Shade 380.3, Red Iron Oxide 380.5, Red Iron Oxide Tint 380.8, Magenta Extra Dark 430.1, Magenta Shade 430.3, Magenta 430.5, Magenta Tint 430.8, Violet Extra Dark 470.1, Violet Shade 470.3, Violet 470.5, Violet Tint 470.8, Ultramarine Blue Extra Dark 520.1, Ultramarine Blue Shade 520.3 Ultramarine Blue 520.5, Ultramarine Blue Tint 520.8, Phthalo Blue Extra Dark 560.1, Phthalo Blue Shade 560.3, Phthalo Blue 560.5, Phthalo Blue Tint 560.8, Turquoise Extra Dark 580.1, Turquoise Shade 580.3, Turquoise 580.5, Turquoise 580.8, Phthalo Green Extra Dark 620.1, Phthalo Green Shade 620.3, Phthalo Green 620.5, Phthalo Green Tint 620.8, Permanent Green Extra Dark 640.1, Permanent Green Shade 640.3, Permanent Green 640.5, Permanent Green Tint 640.8, Chromium Oxide Green Extra Dark 660.1, Chromium Oxide Green Shade 660.3, Chromium Oxide Green 660.5, Chromium Oxide Green Tint 660.8, Bright Yellow/Green Extra Dark 680.1, Bright Yellow/Green Shade 680.3, Bright Yellow/Green 680.5, Bright Yellow/Green Tint 680.8, Burnt Sienna Extra Dark 740.1, Burnt Sienna Shade 740.3, Burnt Sienna 740.5, Burnt Sienna Tint 740.8, Raw Umber Extra Dark 780.1, Raw Umber Shade 780.3, Raw Umber 780.5, Raw Umber Tint 780.8, Black 800.5, Neutral Gray Extra Dark 1 820.1, Neutral Gray Extra Dark 2 820.2, Neutral Gray Shade 820.3, Neutral Gray 820.5, Neutral Gray Tint 7 820.7, Neutral Gray Tint 8 820.8, Paynes Gray Extra Dark 840.1, Paynes Gray 840.3, Paynes Gray Tint 7 840.7, Paynes Gray Tint 8 840.8, Metallic Light Gold 910.5, Metallic Rich Gold 911.5, Metallic Silver 920.5, Metallic Pewter 921.5, Metallic Bronze 930.5, Metallic Copper 931.5, Pearlescent Yellow 951.5, Pearlescent Orange 952.5, Pearlescent Red 953.5, Pearlescent Violet 954.5, Pearlescent Blue 955.5, Pearlescent Green 956.5


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