Golden High Flow Acrylics 30ml Series 1

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HIGH FLOW ACRYLICS are an ultra-thin paint with ink-like consistency that provide incredible versatility. They can go directly from bottle to airbrush, refillable marker or dip pen and work great for drawing, staining, dripping, pouring, calligraphy and colour washes.

High Flow offers a palette that includes many single-pigment colours, as well as Fluorescent and Iridescent colours. While it acts like an ink, it’s an acrylic so it’s compatible with other GOLDEN Acrylic colours and mediums.

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Opaque Light Phthalo Blue 8515, Opaque Viridian Green Hue 8586, Opaque Light Phthalo Green 8516, Opaque Titan Green Pale 8583, Opaque Titan Buff 8548, Opaque Yellow Ochre 8588, Opaque Yellow Oxide 8552, Opaque Raw Sienna 8543, Opaque Titan Mars Pale 8584, Opaque Titan Violet Pale 8585, Opaque Burnt Sienna 8523, Opaque Burnt Umber 8500, Opaque Raw Umber 8544, Opaque Carbon Black 8524, Opaque Mars Black 8518, Opaque Titanium White 8549, Opaque Neutral Gray 5 8533, Opaque Neutral Gray 8 8520, Transparent Benz Yellow Medium 8555, Transparent Naphthol Red Light 8558, Transparent Quinacridone Red 8561, Transparent Dioxazine Purple 8556, Transparent Phthalo Blue G.S. 8559, Transparent Phthalo Green B.S.8560, Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide 8565, Transparent Shading Gray 8564


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