Schmincke Aero Opak Medium 28ml

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 AERO OPAQUE MEDIUM: water based medium for increasing opacity of AERO COLOR®

A milky, binder-free medium that is added to the AERO COLOR Professional paint to make it opaque. The coverage varies depending on the amount of coverage added and the full coverage effect unfolds during drying and is especially visible on dark surfaces. AERO OPAK MEDIUM creates a slight colour lightening of the added shade.

Shake well before use.
The product is ready to use.
It should be added to AERO COLOR® Professional: max. 1 part of medium to 2 parts of colour. Ideal for all 36 Standard. Reduces effect of the 24 effect colours! Ideal for slightly absorbent surfaces. Not to be used pure! Can be mixed with water. Close immediately after use. Store in a cool and dry place. Protect from frost. Individual pre-tests are required

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